CROWN MUTUAL GROUP ASTM Level3 Children's Surgical Disposable Face Mask - Made in Canada (50 Masks) PINK

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Made in Canada

1. FDA registered.
2. Our products are compliant with ASTM standards, which are the governing body for product safety.
3. This mask is designed in a smaller size to ensure a proper fit for kids and the dinosaur pattern makes it more fun to wear.
Ultrasonically-welded seams ensure mask layers remain secure and rest comfortably against the skin.
5. Wide nosepiece constructed with high-quality aluminum to keep the mask in place across the nose and cheekbones.
6. Soft mask and earloop materials are carefully engineered and clinically preferred for extended periods of use without discomfort.

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (%): ≥ 98
- Particulate Filtration Efficiency (%): ≥ 98
- Breathability (mmH20/cm2): < 6.0
- Fluid Resistance: 160 mm Hg
- Flame Spread: Class 1

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