DentX FN-N95-2020H Respirator Mask (20 PCS)

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Dent-X Canada is adding it's newest Invention FN-N95-2020H to the PPE Product Catalog for 2021. This lightweight, disposable N95 Health Care particulate respirator is designed to help provide quality and reliable respiratory protection. Its adjustable nose-strap and cushioning nose foam help provide a custom fit with a secure seal and reduces the potential for eyewear fogging. These comfort features, along with the welded strap attachment and lightweight construction promote the highest protection and may help increase wear time.

FN-N95-2020H Respirator Mask

  • Thickened 4 layer design, the filter efficiency is higher than 95%
  • Adjustable nose piece and shape to better fit the face (3D-Fit)
  • Headstraps provide tight seal and fit
  • Made from non-woven propylene fabric
  • Available in boxes of 20 masks
  • Skin friendly, hypoallergenic
  • Use for personal protection
  • Latex and fiberglass Free

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