DentX FN-N95-510 Adults RESPIRATOR MASK-Made in Canada (10pcs) Black

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Made in Canada by Dent-X Canada and First Nations Procurement Inc., the FN-N95-510 flat fold respirator face mask is engineered for maximum comfort, fantastic seal, and exceptional breathability.

Slightly SMALLER than the FN-N95-508

Fits most adults

  • 5-layer construction includes built-in electrostatic non-woven polypropylene filter
  • Graphene-free
  • Manufactured by an authorized Health Canada MDEL license holder
  • Filtration meets Health Canada FFR guidelines for Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) and Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE). Actual results BFE 99.9% and PFE >98% in independent testing by 3rd party lab
  • Note: due to a more convenient ear loop design, this mask is not NIOSH N95 (NIOSH requires headband)
  • Extra large moldable metal nose piece creates a tight seal that reduces air leakage and glasses fogging
  • Easy breathing. Meets Health Canada FFR guidelines for inhalation and exhalation resistance as verified by 3rd party testing. 
  • Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. eight 1-hour trips to the grocery store, or one 8-hour work day)
  • Slightly Smaller than FN-N95-508. Fits most adults and teenagers 12+
  • Canada Strong Masks is an official authorized retailer for Dent-X Canada

Flat-fold masks outperform conventional "cup style" respirators in fit test studies across a wide variety of face shapes.

This mask features a metal nose piece and expandable 3D shape similar to KF94 that fits most adults, teens, and kids 12+. For smaller faces, try cord locks or a strap extender or tie a knot in the ear loops. If air leakage persists around the edge of the mask, please discontinue use and seek a better-fitting respirator mask.

The 3D horizontal-fold shape creates a large filter surface that's easier to breathe through, keeping you cooler and more comfortable vs vertical-fold KN95 and FFP2 styles.

The wide and soft fabric flaps spread the pressure gently across your face to eliminate pressure points and discomfort of traditional cup style respirators.

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