DJM 4.0 Medical Isolation Face Shield (1 PC)

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DJM Isolation Face Shield-Thin Section(0.25mm)

It consists of a protective cover, foam strip and fixing

[Product Description]:

  • High elastic sponge
  • Adjusted head
  • Adapt to different head circumferences
  • Polymer high permeability APET



Single product size:350mm*240mm*25mm;

Single Product weight: 49g

Packaging configuration: Certificate/Instruction


Net weight for FLC:9.8kg

Gross weight for FCL:11.01kg

Carton size: 680*383*415mm

Type of certificate: CE/FDA/CFDA


[Instructions]: Double-sided tear film

1.unpack the inner packaging, remove the isolation mask, and remove the protective film on two sides.

2.After the two ends of the foam strip(commonly known as the elastic band) are fastened, wear it on the forehead to adjust it comfortably.




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